Liability Disclaimer

Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

When you agree to work with me, you understand that I do NOT provide “advice” of any kind and you assume ALL risk associated with any actions you take or do not take based on the information you receive during our sessions.

I am not licensed or certified by any government or regulatory entity to provide any such “advice” and therefore, what I provide is strictly information for educational purposes only. Any opinions I may give should be taken only as opinions, and not fact, no matter how strongly worded.


I do not speculate on the future price of any digital or physical assets or give advice on investments. I may, during the course of our interactions, inform you of my feelings and opinions on various cryptocurrency assets, but it is impossible for me or anyone else to have complete knowledge about anything to do with general market forces, therefore I will not pressure or encourage you, as my client, to “invest” in anything other than yourself, in the form of knowledge and education, which is what I am attempting to provide by offering this service. If you wish to build a portfolio of digital assets to buy and hold for any period of time, I cannot and will not tell you what amounts or percentages to “invest” in any particular asset.

Third-party services and software

I do not take responsibility for any harm or loss that may result from the use of any third party services or software, even those which I recommend. I will do my best to evaluate any such services or software before making a recommendation to my clients. I will not recommend any services or software which I have not evaluated myself to determine their trustworthiness. I will also do my best to inform my clients of any newly discovered software vulnerabilities that may arise from time to time, but take no responsibility for your failure to update or patch such vulnerabilities if any loss of funds should occur due to such failure.

Malicious software

I do not and cannot provide support for any malicious software which may be installed on your electronic devices which may result in the loss or theft of your assets. You assume all responsibility for removing any and all malware or “spyware” from your devices prior to beginning any work with cryptocurrencies, including, but not limited to, keyloggers, viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, or other malicious software which could be installed, knowingly or unknowingly, on your computers or mobile devices.

By using this website you agree with the above terms and assume full responsibility for any risk, whether implicit or explicit, that you take with your funds or electronic equipment.

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