Who is Dan Kidd?

Dan Kidd is a native Texan, United States Marine Corps veteran, serving from 2005-2009 (Semper Fi), student of Alchemy (the study of the relationship between, and transformation of, matter, energy, and consciousness), and currently works as an independent cryptocurrency consultant. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of North Texas in 2013, and later became a freelance web developer, where he has since been focused on DevOps and network security.
He became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2016 after suffering a job loss, bankruptcy and subsequently facing many financial hardships, including homelessness, which ultimately led to his discovery of the global central banking / fractional reserve scam.

He saw Bitcoin as a way to preserve financial freedom while earning a form of income that would appreciate over time rather than lose its value through inflation, while at the same time being resistant to censorship and extortion.

This was a game-changer, he thought, and decided to focus his efforts on developing a completely independent personal system to replace the use of banks and financial institutions in everyday affairs. As the crypto ecosystem has matured over the years, he has added more tools to his tool belt, focusing on Free Open-Source Software (FOSS) and permissionless, privacy-friendly blockchains, so that anyone with the right knowledge could learn the same skills and take control of their financial affairs in a fully trustless system that can be personalized in limitless ways.

He now is dedicated to helping others free themselves of the bondage that is the global fiat monetary system.

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